We can't predict or control the future, but we can plan for the inevitable. Incapacity planning and proper estate planning are among the most helpful things you can do for yourself and family. In many cases, advanced estate planning can reduce or eliminate federal and state estate taxes that would otherwise be due. Whether your estate is large or modest, I can assist you in this important planning. Contact me to start planning your future. 

If you don't plan your future, the state will plan it for you!

Take charge of your future by proper planning!

  • Education regarding the tools available for estate planning
  • Assessment of your current estate and planning needs
  • Preparation of the required documents

My job, as your attorney, is to put you in control of your future. I will help you place decision making authority into the hands of trusted loved ones or professionals and keep your affairs out of the court system.

Estate Planning documents may include:

Last Will and Testament:

A last will and testament can direct the disposition of your estate in accordance with your wishes.

Durable Powers of Attorney: 

A durable power of attorney, which can authorize another to make health care decisions when you are longer able. A durable power of attorney can also empower a trusted loved one or professional to administer your assets during your incapacity.

Health Care Directive:

Health A health care directive, also called a living will, enables you to direct, in advance, the level of care you will receive in your last moments.

Revocable Living Trusts:

A living trust can provide for administration of your finances during your incapacity and after your death, and bypass the probate court.

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