Sometimes life takes a turn we don't anticipate. A debilitating stroke, an accident resulting in severe injuries, a money award to a minor, or any number of health, financial or life circumstance may bring about a situation requiring the administration of another person's affairs.

It only takes a few hours of your time to prepare for such unanticipated situations. For example, I can draft powers of attorney for you, your spouse, and your parents or other adult loved ones. These powers will allow for the efficient management of one's medical and financial affairs and day-to-day living.

The advantage of advanced preparation is that the attorney-in-fact can make decisions and manage finances without court oversight. You, thus, save time, delay and potential headaches.

Sometimes circumstances dictate that a guardian must be appointed!

A guardianship is always the last resort, as it restricts the rights and freedoms of the individual in need of care. This is of particular significance in the case of an adult.

However, when a situation arises, and there has been no contingency pre-planning, a legal guardian must be established. This is done through the courts, which oversee initial plans and future annual accounts and reports.

I have the experience to help you in this circumstance.

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