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When a resident of the state of Washington passes away, their estate must be administered and disposed of according to law. It is possible to arrange one's affairs in a way that all assets have been disposed of before death, thus leaving no estate subject to probate. This can be accomplished through gifting, living trusts, and other means. You will not escape estate taxation, but you will avoid probate. 

On the other hand, probate in Washington is, in the vast majority of cases, a simple, efficient, and common-sense process, which I can help you navigate.

When probate is required, there are two ways an estate may be administered. If the decedent signed a proper will, the estate will be distributed to those named in the will. If the decedent did not leave a will, then that person has died “intestate” and the estate will be distributed in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington. 

In assisting you through the probate process, I will review the assets of the estate with you to determine whether probate is necessary, and if so, what steps are required. Probate in Washington usually requires minimal court involvement. I will walk you through the court requirements toward a smooth and timely completion of the probate process and distribution of the estate assets. 

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